Part of the “Fix and Forget about it” series.

I do work part time doing what I love….quilting. On those days, I pick dinners that I can “fix and forget”. I like to come home, do very little and have dinner on the table on time. The first worthy mention in this series has to be the Mississippi Pot Roast. I cannot claim this one as my own. You can find several variations on the internet. Today, I will share the version I use, my go-to… kid friendly, meat eating family go-to version. Ya’ll it’s so good I hate it’s not called “Texas Pot Roast”! Enjoy!

1- Chuck Roast

1- Envelope of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

1- Envelope of Au Jus Mix (I use McCormick)

1- Stick of butter

5- Pepperoncini Peppers

That’s it! Add all of it to the crockpot or slow cooker and cook on low 7-8 hours. The only thing I do when I get home is cook a few cups of rice to serve it over. It makes great gravy with it. Don’t skip the pepperoncini peppers! They will stay in tact for you to pull out, and hide from your kids as not to scare them. However, you don’t want to miss that flavor. So easy, so good. This roast will simply shred and fall apart on you. Thank me later.

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